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Reopen Your Workplace Safely

Your workplace is more important than ever as COVID-19 changes how businesses operate. SpaceIQ is here to help guide confident decision-making—today and in the future.

See how SpaceIQ can help with:

  • Return to Work: Use your own data to determine how employees can safely re-enter the office under social distancing guidelines
  • Space Planning: Determine how to structure employee seating for maximum productivity and safety
  • Hoteling: Learn how to use reservable desks and other agile seating strategies like reconfigured meetings to get employees back to work
  • Office Hygiene: Our specialized map pins to show employees where to find hygiene resources like hand sanitizers, PPE, and first-aid kits

Got COVID-19 protocols in place? Let SpaceIQ assist with Portfolio Management, Projections, and Stack Planning to streamline existing space or manage day-to-day workplace needs.

Regardless if you’re just re-opening office doors or looking for ways to optimize your current workplace, SpaceIQ can help. See how we make a difference for our satisfied customers. Demo our platform today!