SiQ and Slack

Welcome To SiQ On Slack!

  • Searches for partial names will return multiple relevant results and employee photos for easy identification.

  • Maps provided in Slack search results make it easier to find an individual seat or neighborhood. You can zoom-in or zoom-out to get more context and find your way to that person.




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Search for a meeting room

Through SiQ, your Slack bot will return the location of that meeting room and map with the meeting room marked. You can then enter the map, zoom-in/zoom-out to get more context and find your way to that meeting room.




Available Commands to Use with SiQ

  • Find [Person]
  • Where is [Person]
  • Find [Meeting Room]
  • Where is [Meeting Room]

Steps for adding Slack

 Step #1

As an admin or an IT user, go to your Settings  >  3rd Party Integrations  >  Slack





Step #2

Click on Activate to receive an instruction email.





Step #3

Authorize: Confirm your identity on SiQ.


Slack Moments Away



Step #4

Slack integration complete. Welcome to SiQ via Slack!