How to Optimize Your Space and Maximize Your Real Estate ROI

Discover the workplace practices and technologies fueling cost-savings in Corporate Real Estate

A lack of insight in planning is causing businesses to misuse some of their biggest assets, and profits are slipping away. 

Studies indicate that more than 50 percent of office space is unused at any given time. In fact, in the United Kingdom alone, an estimated $10B is wasted every year on unnecessary real estate costs.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the causes of costly wasted space and explain how you can empower workers and space planners to maximize your real estate ROI.

Download the guide now to read about the results we’ve seen from two major organizations and to learn:

  1. How organizations are wasting space and paying the price

  2. How to target inefficiencies with data-driven planning

  3. How modern workplace strategies offer opportunities to enhance ROI

  4. How to empower employees to make the most of their workplace


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