Making Space Utilization Work for Your Organization

Learn how you can measure and apply space utilization data in your workplace


Accurate utilization data provides CRE teams greater insight into how the workplace is used. With these insights, they can make strong, evidence-based decisions.

Corporate real estate leaders are starting to shift away from working with old assumptions and manual processes. Instead, as new technology becomes more widely available and accessible, they are using automation and verifiable data to make their workplaces more efficient and effective.

If you’re just beginning to work with utilization data, or feel your team hasn’t yet tapped into its full potential, this guide will:

  • Show the differences between measuring space occupancy vs. space utilization
  • Illustrate the importance of accurately measuring utilization is today’s flexible workplaces
  • Provide examples of how CRE teams can use utilization data to bring more value to their organizations
  • Examine what’s to come as CRE and utilization data become more intertwined