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IWMS CAFM Software

See Why Top Facility Managers Are Switching to SpaceIQ


Try The Industry’s Smartest and Easiest CAFM/IWMS Facility Management Software.

SpaceIQ provides the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use CAFM/IWMS facility management software for companies of every size.

Legacy facilities management software solutions were designed to meet yesterday’s challenges with yesterday’s technology.

SpaceIQ is a leading tech platform, with an intuitive user-friendly web based interface to meet the needs of the modern office space without the need for months of training.

Request a demo today and receive a CAFM white paper guide (it’s practical and short) on selecting the tool that’s right for you. Topics include:

  1. Will the Computer Aided Facility Management software do what I need? How much does it do that I don’t need?
  2. Does it match my needs? Will these CAFM solutions work for my company size (employees, floor/building/location count)? How easy is it to plan and manage changes?
  3. Is the IWMS/CAFM FM software easy to implement? Will it help me reduce the time of handling routine tasks? How long should setup take?
  4. Will this CAFM solution address my current and future needs?
  5. What do we need to consider when in the market for space planning and move management software?

SpaceIQ turns your workplace from a cost center into a competitive advantage. Try for free. Schedule a free facilities management software demo today.

Customer Success Stories

SpaceIQ serves customers across a variety of industries and sizes, from startups to large enterprises. These are some of the customers using SpaceIQ to improve visibility, drive operational performance and fuel cost reductions.

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