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hot desking

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The business case for flexible space strategies

Learn how flexible space strategies help businesses make better use of real estate and avoid leasing more.

COVID-19 and flexible space strategies

Learn how COVID-19 has impacted concerns over the use of shared workspaces and increased anxieties.

Hot desking versus desk hoteling

Read about the shared benefits and differences between these two types of flexible seating strategies.

How to get employees on board

Beyond a successful implementation, explore ways to ensure a smooth hot desking transition for employees.

SpaceIQ has definitely helped with the man-hours. Before SpaceIQ, everything was very manual. SpaceIQ makes our space management really quick and easy. I am no longer having to print out floor plans. Everything is all in one place. There is a lot of movement that happens here at Marketo. Everything is moving ALL THE TIME. SpaceIQ has eliminated a lot of the time that was wasted.

Nadia Wong, Senior Facilities Manager at Marketo

One of the biggest wins for SpaceIQ is the team delivering on their promises. I’ve met with a lot of people, dealt with former vendors and SpaceIQ didn’t just install and move on. They held our hands the entire way from beginning to end. Even after implementation, I received a follow-up call checking in to make sure I knew about new features and how to use them. It’s nice to have somebody who follows through and delivers on their promises.

Jay Momet, Director of Real Estate & Facilities at LeapFrog

In addition to providing the location of the E911 calls, integrating Archibus and Cisco VOIP lets us know that if an IP phone is plugged into a new jack because of a move, the system updates the IP address location information, which helps keep our occupancy data current.

James McGlasson, E911 Project Manager, Caterpillar

The main results currently include up to 30% savings in data collection, management and updates on our retail concessions and other spaces, plus as much as 80% savings on data calculation and updates for our regulatory accounting responsibilities.

Marco Loddo, Aeroporti di Roma

Archibus has enabled us to effectively collate our data sources, allowing for efficient workflow processes… This has seen an increase in productivity, reporting functionality, and customer satisfaction. Archibus software is now an essential asset to our strategy and facilities management.

Brett Plant, Facilities Office Manager, University of Worcester
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