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Quantitative Workplace Analysis

There can be no progress without a benchmark
for success. This is true in anything, but especially
in determining workplace efficiency.

Using Smart Devices to Gather Data

The office Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly
expanding, with new innovations routinely
coming to market. Are you prepared?

Coming to Data-Driven Conclusions

Data, and the metrics derived from it, is critical
to running an efficient, effective, and inviting

Workplace Metrics Checklist

Get a comprehensive checklist so you can begin tracking valuable workplace and facility metrics for your business. 

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press release
PREss release

iOFFICE + SpaceIQ Announces Strategic Investment by Autodesk

The strategic investment by Autodesk in iOFFICE + SpaceIQ will provide integrated solutions that give businesses unequaled ability to analyze and optimize all aspects of their real estate and mission-critical assets.